Weasy Potty Training

Dogs learn at their own speeds, and the Weasy Potty Training attracts and encourages going potty in the chosen spot. Suitable for training puppies or adult dogs, it comes in a 8 FL OZ / 237 ML package.

Using it is simple: choose the best spot for the dog's needs and apply the product 3 to 4 times a day – we recommend about 4 sprays per application.

Training time will vary with individual dogs. Training is about consistency and positive reinforcement. When your puppy eliminates, praise him. If you catch him eliminating in a non-preferred area, quickly pick him up and calmly say, "no", then take him to the preferred area. When finished, praise him.

For best results, position the pet's bathroom in a place protected from the elements (rain, sun, wind), away from the eating and sleeping area, and with enough space for the furry one to move around.

Sale price$19.90

How it works

Your furry friend pees on the elevated rubber mat and it's drained direct to the Weasy Bag, leaving no urine odor. Just pour a glass of water to flush it. Weasy peasy!