About Us

Weasy was born from a need: we were a young couple, expecting a baby, working full time, and living in an apartment with two Golden Retrievers. Can you imagine our routine? Even if we walked the dogs twice a day, we spent more time cleaning up their pee and wiping the floors than actually enjoying their company.

Unhappy, after not finding any solutions on the market, we decided to make one ourselves: it started off as a DIY project (very Pinterest-y). After all, one of us worked in advertising, and the other as an engineer, both curious and eager to get our hands dirty. Many friends asked us to test our product, and soon we saw that it worked.


For some time, we had been questioning our routine and our role. We didn't feel that we were making any progress. Our family time and time with our furry girls wasn't enough. With encouragement from our friends, we decided to invest in the idea. In 2016, we gradually quit the job market to become entrepreneurs. At the time, it was just the two of us, and the product was handmade. Slowly, over the last few years, we have built a fantastic, purposeful team, our own office and manufacturing plant. 

From the beginning, our minds were buzzing with ideas to improve the lives of humans, furry pets, and the planet! 

We solved the pee and poop problem for apartment dogs... but what about the walks? And the kitties? There are so many situations where we produce waste and spend time cleaning up when we could be enjoying our pets and saving the planet. That's why we are always restlessly researching and developing new ideals. In 2016 we improved the fiberglass model to a polymer one. In 2018 we launched the Weasy Nankim, the Weasy Gato, the indoors and outdoors Poop Bags. In 2019 we launched the Weasy Smart - the autonomous cleaning system, a dream we have been developing since 2017, and in 2020 we launched new products for the well-being of cats. We have many ideas and plans that we want to implement on, and it is an incredible experience to see each project come to life.


We do it because we believe!  

We believe in the quality of life, in investing our time efficiently, and in a healthier planet.

We manufacture because we believe in the quality and importance of local production. We use materials that we know where they come from. We handle the reverse logistics of our packaging, and we are always aware of what we can improve. We believe that the we can change the world if everyone contributes a little.

Our mission is to improve the relationships between furry pets and their families. We want our customers to have a better quality of life, less responsibilities, save money, and a cleaner impact on the world.

What motivates us is our unconditional love for animals. Their lives are too precious and too short: the least we can offer them is our tender loving care.  

We don't aim for cleaning to be time consuming. If we spend half an hour cleaning daily, we lose more than a week a year. And how much does this mean in dog or cat years? It is the equivalent of almost two months in animal years. They deserve more than this.

But we don't want convenience at all costs. Why should we find practical solutions for today if they compromise the planet tomorrow? We want to enjoy our beloved humans and furry friends today, tomorrow, and all the days that will come after. Those who love, also care. So, why not try? They deserve it, and we can do it.


Making a difference

Did you know that each year, 270 million tons of plastic are produced in the world? Most of it is disposed of incorrectly, making recycling impossible. 

That is why we do it differently. We believe that it is possible to be environmentally friendly and practical at the same time. We seek to create compatible solutions: 

  • Raw materials

Our smart toilets are made of a high-strength polymer, resistant for years. They do not require the use of any disposable material. Moreover, it is a 100% recycled polymer - what would be waste becomes a long-life product.

  • Production

Our manufacturing is national. We started with handmade production, and today we have a plant in the suburbs of the state of São Paulo, where we were born. We employ responsible labor, have a verticalized process, and no aircraft or ships for imports. Our development with partners is also done nationally, and we hand-pick each supplier.

  • Packaging

How does it work? New Hope Ecotech, a leading company in solid waste management in Brazil, has developed a platform that tracks the entire recycling chain. It works with cooperatives to make environmental compensation. In other words, companies pay the co-ops to remove the equivalent amount of material their products generate as disposal (in our case, it is cardboard packaging). 

All this helps the planet, the people who work with recycling and helps our consumers to know that they are generating as little waste as possible.

  • Reducing customer impact

We feel that the main benefit to the environment comes from the daily use of our products.