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→ How international shipping works?

Our website allows purchase in the US, Canada, UK, Portugal, Germany, Singapore, Australia and Mexico.

Please keep in mind that international shipping may result in extra tax and duties once it arrives in your country - excluding Canada and the UK. We provide all the documentation that you may need but we are not responsible to cover these charges, if that happens.

Weasy Dog - Smart Toilet

→ What do I need in order to buy a Weasy?

A furry friend! :)

→ How does the Weasy work?

Weasy smart potty was designed to replaced pee pads and grass patches. It is the HASSLE-FREE and sustainable solution for puppies and adult dogs. Weasy eliminates urine odor by draining pee straight into the weasy bag, an ecological container located underneath the tray. The poop should be collected and disposed of as usual. The elevated rubber mat keeps your pet’s paws dry! When the bag is full, close the anti-flow clip, take it to a disposal site (drain, tank, or toilet). Open the clip and empty the bag and rinse it. Remove all the water and air. Then reinstall it.

 What are the toilet sizes?

The Weasy Dog is available in four sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, and Large. The dimensions are:

Mini: 3.15x15.75x20.86 inches (8x40x53cm), suitable for micro, toy, mini dogs like Chihuahua, Yorkshire, and Pinscher.

Small: 3.94x27.56x20.86 inches (10x70x53cm), suitable for small dogs like Pug, Shih Tzu, Lhasa, and Maltese.

Medium: 3.94x27.56x 27.53 inches (10x70x70cm), suitable for medium dogs such as Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, French Bulldogs, and Dachshunds.

Large: 3.94x27.56x39.37 inches (10x70x100cm) suitable for big and giant dogs like Bernese, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Bull Terrier, and American Bully.

The height of the hydrant wall varies depending on the model.

The Mini model is 15.74 inches (40cm) high.

The Small and Medium models are 21.65 inches (55cm) high.

The Large model is 23.62 inches (60cm) high.

Please note that in all cases, the rubber mat is slightly smaller than the tray.

→ I have more than one dog. How do I choose the size?

When you have more than one dog, we recommend finding the right size as follows: Consider the larger dog in the house and choose a tray size that best suits them.

→ Which model is ideal for my puppy?

Sizes may vary depending on the weight of your dog! Consider buying a hydrant wall if your dog prefers to raise their legs while peeing.

→ What to do if they poop?

The poop should be collected and disposed of as usual. We suggest in your bathroom toilet as it will go to a sewage treatment.

 What about the smell?

The Weasy Smart Potty is manufactured with high quality and eco-friendly materials. The pee is drained from the tray straight into the Weasy Bag that is tightly sealed. Since there is no contact with air, this avoids any odor.

 Does the dog get its paws wet? Will my house get be dirty with paw prints?

The Weasy has a raised rubber mat that prevents the pet from coming in contact with the pee. This keeps your dogs paws protected and your house clean.

 What material is the toilet made of?

The base is made of high-strength polymer material, and the mat is made of rubber.

 Can the weasy stay outdoors? Can it be exposed to the sun and rain?

Yes, it can! Bad weather will not interfere with the functionality of the Smart Potty. However, we do not recommend bad weather exposure for the sake of our pets' comfort. Please keep in mind, Weasy Smart Potty is weather-proof, but it may reduce the rubber mat’s lifespan.

→ Is the Weasy Smart Potty resistant to weight and damage?

The Weasy is made of high resistance polymer and can withstand up to 110.23lb (50Kgs) (in the large size) distributed over four legs. Thus, we do not recommend that humans climb on the product. In case of an accident with the soft parts, we have replacement items on our website.

→ Can my dog chew and damage the toilet?

The toilet is made with the best materials on the market! The base is highly resistant, almost indestructible! In case of an accident with the soft parts, we have replacement items on our website. And to avoid your pet chewing it, we recommend you spend your dog's energy with lots of games and exercise. This way, they are not interested in destroying things in your home.

→ Is it only suitable for females? How does it work for dogs that raise their legs?

For your pet that squats to pee, whether female or male, we recommend the no-wall model. For those that raise their legs, we recommend the hydrant wall model. The hydrant wall is made from 100% recycled material and helps the pee run down into the drain.

→ My dog is heavy - can the Weasy withstand it?

The Weasy was developed to withstand up to 110.23lb (50 Kgs) in the large size.

→ Where should I place it?

Choose a place where your dog is comfortable to go potty, ideally, in an area where they will feel at ease and can move freely. Keep away from their food and water.

→ What do I need to install the hydrant wall?

If your tray already has the holes for tray installation, just remove the small cover, fit the wall and screw it in. If your tray does not have the holes for the wall installation, you will need a drill with a #5 drill bit. To assemble, follow the steps below:

    • 1st - Fit the hydrant wall into the tray so that it is firm;
    • 2nd - Use the existing holes in the hydrant wall as a guide to drill into the tray;
    • 3rd - After drilling the holes in the tray, fasten the hydrant wall onto the tray using the screws provided.

Now, it’s ready to use!

→ My weasy is clogged? What should I do?

We suggest you empty the Weasy bag and connect it again to the Smart Potty. Prepare a solution with bleach diluted in water, and pour it into the tray until slightly above the drain. Wait a minimum of 12 hours, then empty the pouch again. If it is not successful, repeat the procedure until it is unclogged.

Weasy Bag

→ What is the Weasy bag? How does it work?

The Weasy Bag, is an ecological and hygienic pee container for the Weasy Smart Potty. The pet urine draws out of the weasy tray, through the hose, and is stored in the Weasy Bag where there is no contact with air, avoiding any odor.

→ How to assemble the Weasy bag?

At one end of the thin white hose is a tip. Attach it to the nozzle beneath the Weasy tray, apply pressure to ensure that the hose is securely attached. The other end of the hose must be connected to the Weasy Bag. If necessary, you can cut the hoses to avoid bending, which prevents drainage.

→ How do I clean the Weasy bag?

When the Weasy Bag is full, close the anti-flow clip (so it doesn't leak during transportation). Take the pouch with the tray to the disposal site (drain, tank, or toilet), open the clip, and empty the Weasy Bag. Once it's empty, rinse it with water, clean the tray and remove all water and air from the bag. Now, reinstall it.

→ How long does the Weasy bag last?

The Weasy bag will last for at least 2 months if it is properly maintained.

→ How to dispose of the Weasy bag?

You can dispose of the Weasy Bag in the recycle bins.

Training and Adaptation

→ Will my dog ​​adapt?

There is no secret or magic in training your dog, only patience and dedication. Like any other method (newspaper, toilet mat and tray) training is required. Only the tutor is able to guarantee the furry's adaptation. Every dog is capable of learning and all they need is a tutor's guidance for the adaptation to be done successfully.

→ I have more than one dog, can both use the same Weasy toilet?

If all dogs share the same method they use today, they will share the same Weasy.

→ Can puppies learn?

Yes, puppies can use the Weasy Dog as long as they are already adapted to a method - newspaper, hygienic mat, synthetic grass, etc. Adapting to the Smort Potty is similar to when a child stops using diapers.

→ My dog ​​is old. Will he learn?

Only the tutor can guarantee successful adaptation, but every doggy is able to learn, regardless of age. If your dog is already used to go Potty in a single place with the help of some method, then the adaptation will be easy! However, training and dedication is still required.

→ My dog only pees outside the house. Is the Weasy suitable?

Pups that are not used to peeing indoors or pee in many places have a difficult time adapting to the Weasy. Before purchasing a Weasy, try to train your furry friend to always potty in the same place with the help of some absorbent material like newspaper or pee pad. If your dog doesn't adapt, it is unlikely that they will adapt to the Smart Potty.